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Teaching With Technology

This section contains the resources and materials I have complied as part of my EC&I 831 major digital project: Teaching with Technology.  I intend to describe and reflect on my project through a series of posts on the Home Page of my blog.  These posts will be labeled with  "Teaching with Technology" and "Major Digital Project" tags.   
As I introduce various aspects of the project, I will upload the corresponding resources to this page.  Please feel free to question or comment on any of the resources listed below.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
Teaching With Technology Website

This website was created in collaboration with Leanne Forrest, Digital Fluency Consultant with Regina Catholic Schools for the 2012 IT Summit.  It was revised for the 2013 Regina Teachers' Convention.  Further edits and additions have been made for Professional Development sessions offered to Regina Catholic Schools during the 2013-14 school year.  Please refer to the "Teaching with Technology" blog posts for more detailed information.


Video Explanation of Website


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Presentation File (PDF Preview)


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Participant Survey  

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  1. Looks like a great project Dean, one that will benefit a lot of people and provide a foundation for using technology in teaching for years to come.