Sunday, 8 December 2013

Teaching with Technology PD Workshop Summary

My Major Digital Project is complete! For now anyways.  You can view all project resources on my Major Digital Project page.  For a complete overview of the project, please refer to my compilation of Teaching with Technology blog posts.  All major digital project posts were labeled  "Teaching with Technology".  They were posted in the following order:
  1. Final Project Outline
  2. Teaching with Technology Website
  3. Teaching with Technology Professional Development Workshops
  4. Teaching with Technology Website Video
  5. Teaching with Technology Presentation File
  6. SECTIONS Model
  7. Moodle Course and Teacher Blog Posts
  8. Lessons Learned


  1. Great project Dean. I have been impressed with your thoughtfulness, thoroughness and depth of knowledge provided in all that you posted about in EC&I 831. I particularly liked your #4 video which focuses on the pedagogical uses of technology (Why instructors might use it) and not a how to use it. You definitely deserve a 95% in EC&I 831. Keep producing good stuff.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Greg. I really do appreciate it. I could definitely repeat the same thoughts to you. Your blog was one of the ones I frequented over the past few months, and I really gained a lot of knowledge and ideas from the posts you shared. I hope we cross paths again sometime.