I plan to use this section of my blog for posting resources related to presentations I have given or have helped to create.  Feel free to check back periodically for updates.


A number of Regina Catholic elementary and high schools piloted a BYOT project in the Spring of 2013.  Leanne Forrest, our Digital Fluency Consultant, and I collaborated to create a number of digital citizenship lessons to be used by teachers when introducing BYOT in the classroom.  

Gr 1-2 Digital Citizenship

Gr 3-5 Digital Citizenship

Gr 6-8 Digital Citizenship

High School Digital Citizenship

Engaging Social Studies Presentation

Last year I collaborated with out Social Studies consultant and Digital Fluency consultant to develop a K-12 PD session focused on providing engaging opportunities for the incorporation of technology with Social Studies.  The Engaging Technology for Social Studies website was the result.

Teaching with Technology

This is a link to the Teaching with Technology resource I have highlighted as part of my Major Digital Project.

Mimio Training and Professional Development

Regina Catholic Schools currently supports 350 Mimio Interactive Whiteboard devices in classrooms throughout the devision.  In June I completed training to become a Mimio Certified Trainer.  I developed a multitude of training resources and offer frequent training opportunities for staff.  Below is a sampling of some of the sessions I have offered.  Mimio Studio Notebook software is required to open and view these files.  A trail version can be obtained from the Mimio website.

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